Let out the explorer within yourself! The Outdoor activities organised by Tea Valley resort – one of the best among major hotels/ resorts in Munnar will help one explore the wild outdoors of Munnar. Take to the major Outdoor activities like Mountain Biking, Nature Trail, Bird Watching, Jeep Safari, or Wildlife Tours; for a real-life adventure in the wild! Our guest’s safety is our priority. Guests will be accompanied by guides who would ensue that one has the maximum fun with the highest degree of safety and convenience. For all those who wish to spend a night out in the wild, an outdoor tent camp facility can be arranged. Make your holidays at Munnar memorable with a stay at the Tea Valley resort – the best in providing budget and luxury accommodations and adventurous with the outdoor activities organised.

Get to know the rates and tariff details of each outdoor activities organised. Take the different outdoor activities and enter a world of fun and adventure.


Spend some time with nature; listen to her gentle whispers and gurgles, savour the sweet fragrance arising from the flowers, and feel the unspoiled beauty all around you. The soft trekking activity will give one this amazing opportunity to be in-tune with nature. The soft trekking activity, which is a 3 to 5 hrs activity and has the Lekshmi Hills as the destination and will cover some of the major attractions like historical monuments, tea plantations, green grasslands, valleys, landscapes and river sides.

Bird Watching

Munnar and its surrounding areas are rich in avian life; with nearly 200 species, many of them are endemic and have been recorded in these highlands. The high-altitude mountain forests and grasslands are home to many of the endemic species of birds of the Western Ghats like the Nilgiri Pipit, Painted Bush Quail, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Black & Orange Flycatcher, Nilgiri Flycatcher, White-bellied Short wing and the Broad tailed Grass bird. The tour will start early in the morning and the areas covered are Rajamalai and Kanniamala Shola. The bird watching activity tour will be followed by a visit to the Lockhart Gap area and the grasslands in the surrounding hills.

Jeep Safari

A bumpy ride through the rugged, seemingly impossible terrain in a jeep; the jeep safari activity is one of the most preferred adventurous activity enjoyed by most of the people visiting Munnar. The Munnar jeep safari activity is organised neatly to some of the major destinations that are apt for the activity. One could choose between the different destinations. The major destinations to which Munnar jeep safari activity is organised are Kolukkumala, Meesapulimala, Chinar Wildlife Sanctuary and Ponmudi hills. Read more on Munnar jeep safari activity.

Full Day Trekking

For all those who are passionate about going on a serious trekking activity, the full day trekking activity will bring immense pleasure. The full day trekking activity is a strenuous activity. Well-trained and expert guides would accompany to ensure that one completes the activity comfortably and safely. The activity can last for 5 to 7 hours covering the high-altitude grasslands, rainforests, cliffs, tribal villages, spice gardens etc. that are near by the Lockhart Gap and Lekshmi Hills.

Wildlife Tours

A wildlife tour to Chinnar wildlife sanctuary safari, through the Anamudi shola National Park. “The biggest shola forest in India” A wonderful drive through Kanan Devan Hills tea plantations, villages, Madupatty, Echo-Point, Kundala Dam and a spectacular drive/walk through the Anamudi shola National Park, where you can see the real nature, birds life, tree fern grown like a palm tree etc…, after this 8 kilometer drive/walk we will enter in a beautiful countryside of the Tamil people where you can see the vegetable cultivations, rise, and Sugarcane cultivations, Muniyara “the historical hermitages” etc…, this drive will take you up the Kerala Tamil Nadu border to a Chinnar wildlife sanctuary and we will have 2 hours trek through the Sanctuary and back to Munnar through the Marayoor Sandal wood forest Duration – Full day tour

Tent Camping

Tea Valley Resort offers opportunities to camp in tents out in the wilds of Munnar. Enjoy a wide selection of spacious, level sites with picnic tables, water spouts and fire pits. Snuggle up around a crackling campfire and enjoy a cup of hot drink Your cozy tent will be waiting for you when the fire is out.

The two major destinations where the tent camping activity is conducted are at the Top Station and at the Thirumoorthi Hills.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a tremendous way to see the exotic sights. Here you will enjoy the timeless culture and rich flora and fauna of our heritage as you explore the places. After breakfast we will start our biking passing through forests, tea gardens and spice plantations. Tourists will be provided with cycles, guides and also refreshments and mineral water while cycling.


The Polaris is an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) that is used for recreational purposes. The vehicle can almost go over any tough terrains and are extensively used by adrenaline junkies to satisfy their thirst for adventure. The Polaris riding activity offered allows the rider a maximum of 20 minutes ride that will cover an area of about 3 km. To drive the Polaris, one must have a four-wheeler’s driving licence.


Got a good aim? Or want to determine how good is your aim? The archery activity organised here will help you with it. Aim and shoot out your arrows till they hit their targets. The activity which is carried out both for leisure and as a competitive sport is undertaken using various equipment. While here, one will be given good-quality equipment. Also, there would be a guide to help you out with.

Sling Shot

Sling shot - the very famed equipment from the Angry Birds game and movie! Wouldn’t it be fun to take on targets using the sling shot like how you do in the games? The sling shot activity organised here will give one an opportunity to try out his skills in using the sling shot.