For those who enjoy the engaging in the thrills of a daring adventure, the rock climbing activity in Munnar is an unavoidable one. The activity is a strenuous one that should be undertaken by using special climbing equipment/ gears. In this activity one must climb up to reach the summit of a formation or an endpoint of either a natural rocky terrain or a man-made rock walls. With Munnar’s terrain apt for performing the activity, experienced people can opt for climbing up natural surfaces, while beginners can start with the man-made surfaces.

Safety of the guests who undertake the activity is the priority concern for Tea Valley Resort, Munnar and so, expert guides will accompany tourists/ guests as they undertake the activity. Also, the climbing gears used are ensure to be of the highest quality. Still, equipment checks for their fitness would be done before to ensure that they could be used.

With the use of good quality climbing gears, the rock climbing activity is sure to give all the thrills to all the brave hearted.